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Dec 30, 2018

: Episode 1223 - The wonderful Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School Episode, and the two talk Gina's childhood, growing up shy, her college career, coming to LA and working for her success and more.



  • Gina is from suburban Kansas 
  • She was kind of goofy but also shy
    • Loved music and performing but was still a bit scared and nerdy
  • Not the "hot chick" in high school like she is now
  • Gina was pretty intimidated by everyone for most of her childhood
  • Life got terrifying in middle school
    • Got much more insecure during this time
    • So overwhelming for her
  • She attended University of Kansas for college!
    • Pursued theater (Hair) was her first production
    • Doing all of this theater and performing helped her come out of her shell
  • Came to LA after and worked radio
    • Gained a lot of strength from this hard work
    • Saw what she was made of and what she was capable of, too
    • Worked crazy hours and drove all around doing very difficult work
  • Success does not come easily most of the time
    • Work hard, you can do it!