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Apr 22, 2016

: Episode 588 - Documentary Director and health science video-blogger Max Lugavere joins Vinnie to talk about grains and memory loss. Max earned his degree in film & psychology, and also has great knowledge in the field of the effects different foods can have on one's mind due to a turn of events he experienced in his own family. 



  • Check out his website here 
  • Musician, scientist, and more! 
  • His mom had cognitive deterioration and so he started looking into effects of diet on that 
    • She was prescribed drugs that even doctors admit do very little 
  • Has always had a large focus on health 


  • In Lugavere's research, he found that grains actually increased memory loss 
  • Eating lots of grains is especially bad for those with pre-existing memory loss conditions & brain injury
  • Overall, to avoid cognitive decline, eating green leafy vegetables is GREAT for your brain 
    • Grains and processed sugars are bad 
  • Check out his Bread Head
  • He found that memory loss happens decades before it shows up -- and not eating grains when one is young can really help in the long run 
  • The inflammation that eating grains causes is very bad for the brain
    • The brain is not an organ where you feel pain due to inflammation 
    • You don't realize how much it is being damaged 
  • Immune cells can cross into the brain 
  • Your body will burn what you give it
    • Good to give your body ketones to burn
    • Very efficient source to the brain