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Jul 26, 2017

: Episode 864 - Nicole Recine joins Vinnie Tortorich this Wednesday to rehash the American Airlines fiasco and the two also discuss going NSNG cold turkey as the best way to successfully change your way of eating.



  • By weaning yourself off of sugar and carbs, you are still feeding the addiction
    • Diet soft drinks still tell your brain "I'm getting the sugar!"
      • Diet soft drinks are still chemicals!
  • By going 100% all in right away, you are stopping the addiction in its tracks
    • Can be harder for the first couple of days, but makes things way better in the long run
    • Harder to get off of carbs if you keep allowing yourself a little bit
      • You will also find that you will likely have more 'cheat days'
        • Make excuses for not going all in ever is another side effect of weaning yourself 
    • Also, if you are eating enough fat, the cravings will dissipate early 
      • Gotta get your brain past the "feed me" stage
      • Ketone bodies takes place of sugar 
        • Best way to get to this state the quickest is by not cheating, giving everything up
  • Coincidentally, cold turkey is also NSNG