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Feb 27, 2019

: Episode 1265 - Vinnie and Andy talk Twitter hate from vegans, getting in shape in Zone 2, getting your resting heartbeat down, and more on this Wednesday show.



  • Vinnie wanted to paddle the bayou
  • However, an injury has derailed that plan
  • He has pivoted - now going to climb Mont Blanc this summer with Don!
  • He's training for that climb now
  • Wants to be extra prepared
  • Climbing Mount Wilson a ton
  • Vinnie trained in Zone 2 in January, walking(hiking)
    • 42 hours in 31 days
  • In February, he is at 53 hours with a few days left in the month
    • Only taking about 5 days this month
  • Vamp up your exercise SLOWLY so you don't get hurt
  • Will add another 12 or so % next month, and so on and so forth
  • This will ensure he is very ready this summer
  • He slows down and rests to make sure he stays in Zone 2 if he's carrying a lot of weight
  • You'll see your resting heartbeat slow down over time
    • If it goes up it could be:
      • 1. Hydration
      • 2. Overtraining