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Dec 28, 2018

: Episode 1221 - Ali Miller RD LD CDE joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk her work utilizing food as medicine, synthesizing allopathic and naturopathic medicine, being a diabetes educator who promotes a specific ketogenic diet, and more.



  • Ali is a registered dietitian
  • Uses functional integrative medicine
  • Combines allopathic with naturopathic medicine
  • She is also a certified diabetes educator 
  • Those who taught her really tiptoed around low carb diet
  • Check out here books here
  • In conventional institutional medical model, ketosis is not the norm
    • Largely because people first learn about ketoacidosis and assume these things are related (even though they are not)
  • Carbs are NOT essential like many dietitians are taught and then teach
  • She spoke as a keynote in front of many diabetic educators
    • Threw in ketosis toward the end and nobody threw anything at her!
    • There is some acceptance
  • She has been doing keto clinically since 2009
    • So far, those in this keto world have maintained integrity
  • Ali has a unique approach to keto
    • Food is medicine
    • Nutritional ketosis 
    • It is not just about what we AREN'T eating, it is also about what we ARE
    • Metabolically speaking, quality is most important (chemicals are bad!)
  • Carb control (less than 30 grams), then fat threshold for each person (less about macros, more about eating the right stuff)