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Dec 21, 2018

: Episode 1216 - Fat Head creator Tom Naughton joins Vinnie for a second appearance on this Friday show, and the two talk the creation of Fat Head and more recently, Fat Head Kids, film distribution, wisdom of crowds, and more.



  • Creator of the Fat Head doc
  • Was a comedian, decided to get off the road
    • Also a software programmer 
  • Wanted to make a doc on how we treat fat people
  • Watched Super Size Me and was really bothered by it
    • Thought the doc was full of crap
  • Fat Head is his response to this
    • Ate fast food and lost weight
      • Watched what he ate
        • Restricted carbs, limited to ~2000 calories/day
        • Had lots of protein and fat
  • If you haven't seen Fat Head, you need to!
  • As he worked on the doc, he learned more and more about how our dietary guidelines are BS
  • Working on book and movie Fat Head Kids
    • "Things I wish I knew when I was your age"
    • Want to help kids who are fat get thin, and help those that are thin stay thin 
    • We want you to learn to eat correctly now
    • Check out the book here
      • Great for your kids
  • This stuff is wisdom of the crowds
    • Everyone can learn this stuff 
  • Tom is seeing more and more people reject cereal and margarine and things like that 
  • We need to get this ship turned around with documentaries like this