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Nov 30, 2016

: Episode 714 - Andy Schreiber and Vinnie Tortorich talk explaining weight loss to kids, exercise as a poor way to lose weight, juice, and more!



  • Vinnie will be talking at Flappers in Burbank, January 15th!
  • Gina Grad will be a guest-star
  • Chris Laxamana opening
  • Check out tix here


  • Vinnie will be doing a kid-friendly show twice a week!
  • Kids wanna know how to look and feel good, too
  • Physical Education in public schools is virtually non-existent now
    • This hurts kids' brains
      • Even taking away recess time is detrimental 
  • Exercise is a poor way to lose weight, but is still important for brain function and for muscle mass
  • Losing weight has everything to do with hormones
  • Calorie in / calorie out does not work
    • Compare this to using a car's gas all up and then not refueling -- it simply does not work!
  • Can be hard for kids to get off of all the added sugar, especially in breakfast foods
    • Pretty much all breakfast food marketed towards kids has LOTS of sugar and grains
  • Soft drinks, even diet, will not allow you to lose weight!
    • You must quit the sugar and artificial sugar, even if you are doing everything else right
  • Juice is also straight sugar
    • Once you juice fruit, you lose the fiber and it is literally just a sugar bomb
      • Will cause a crazy glucose spike