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Jun 24, 2017

: Episode 843 - Vinnie Tortorich solos on this Saturday show.  Today, he answers the question does NSNG need more science? He talks about our evolution, and how the fact that we got here eating NSNG proves NSNG is the right move!



  • B12 orders exploded!
  • Please be patient with your order getting to you, there were so many orders!
  • Reach out to Andy with questions


  • Morbidly obese man on Twitter was asking for more science that proved NSNG was right
  • The proof is in our evolution!
    • We evolved to this point eating meats, veggies, fruits
  • People who ate essentially NSNG/paleo had far fewer dietary health problems than we had
  • If you start eating NSNG for awhile, you will also notice that you feel much healthier
  • People are so misled by doctors who preach cholesterol/sat fats are bad
  • There is literature, though, if you need it
    • Dr. Fung, Dr. Teicholz, Dr. William Davis, etc.
  • NSNG can improve your sex life, too!
  • NSNG is a lifestyle change, not a diet
  • Proof is also in all of the people who have lost tons of weight and improved their overall health changing their lifestyle this way