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Dec 31, 2016

: Episode 732 - Listener and NSNG success story Jess Allen Britt returns to talk about his weight loss journey, making NSNG a lifestyle instead of a diet, and developing grit.


(3:00) - Jess tells his story

  • Led a very sedentary life playing video games, drinking beer and eating ice cream during times of under employment.
  • 370 lbs (6' tall), depressed, and so unhealthy that he'd throw his back out just walking around
  • Has been trying to lose weight since daughter was born 5 years ago. 2 years ago he started to be able to keep it off


(6:00) - Vinnie works with a lot of large people and a loss of 100lbs seems to be the turning point where people start gaining the weight back.

  • Jess believes that looking at a specific number of lbs to lose as a goal is not necessarily the way to go.

The end number is not the way to look at it. You have to look at it like you're an addict, your an alcoholic and you can't function on alcohol so you just stop and you never go back to it. And that's kind of how you have to look at it with sugar and grains or you're never going to succeed - Jess Allen Britt






(8:30) - Jess feels that you have to change your expectations of what life's about so that eating without sugar and grains is not the worse thing in the world to you.

  • Jess eats just meat, eggs, veggies and cheese.
  • He's basically been in dietary ketosis since Jan 2016
  • Vinnie agrees that NSNG is NOT A DIET. It's a lifestyle.

Eating this way is not that hard. I just eat meat, eggs, veg's, cheese and stuff like that and, honestly, as long as I don't mess around with grains or sugar...I've been in ketosis since January - Jess Allen Britt






(10:50) - Other doctors are more strict than Vinnie with ketosis and medical fasting

  • Jess does some intermittent fasting by not eating breakfast because that works for him.
  • He had to work up to that by extending the fast half an hour until he was only drinking coffee until lunch (no breakfast)
  • A lot of people jump into the fasting thing and mess themselves up by doing so .
  • Vinnie says people who are morbidly obese may want to follow a Ron Rosedale or Jason Fung
  • Vinnie thinks many people are using intermittent fasting as a form of trickery instead of part of a lifestyle change.
  • Some people are taking exogenous keytones to get into ketosis and Vinnie doesn't think you need that.
  • Vinnie believes you don't have to be in deep dietary ketosis to lose weight
  • Jess once wrote on the NSNG facebook group:

Taking exogenous ketones puts you into nutritional ketosis as much as putting a strap-on on a woman makes her a man - Jess Allen Britt




  • Exogenous keytones were made for Navy Seals who needed to use them in the field.
  • Vinnie doesn't think it's healthy to jump right into dietary ketosis



(15:00) - Jess has put on a lot of lean body mass and lost a lot of fat.

  • Started at 370 lbs and is now 210 lbs
  • Now wearing a medium T-shirt and size 32 pants
  • Starting to see more definition.
  • Vinnie can see the huge difference even in his face
  • Used to have debilitating depression but hasn't needed any ant-depressants in a year
  • Jess feels like a significantly different person mentally and emotionally when he's not eating sugars and grains
  • Has more grit now.

(20:00) - Vinnie feels good that people like Jess Britt are having changed lives as a result of NSNG

  • Dean Lorey cajoled Vinine into writing the book and he is very grateful for it
  • Jess would like to help other people who are going through the same thing.


Pure Vitamin Club


Vinnie's Big Fat Show at Flapper's in Burbank, CA, featuring Gina Grad from 100.3 The Sound and the Adam Crolla show and podcaster Chris Laxamana