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Apr 29, 2019

: Episode 1309 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie and the two talk Twitter craziness, differentiating diabetes types, living in an overweight prison, leptin and grelin, and more on this Monday show.



  • People are upset when diabetes types are conflated
  • For example, parents with kids with Type 1 hate when diabetes is generalized
  • There is no cure for Type 1 like there is for Type 2
  • Type 1 is not developed through eating badly like Type 2 is
  • Not eating sugar won't solve Type 1 problems
  • Important to make this distinction
  • It's a different type of thinking when your body can't make any insulin
    • Anna does have a friend who does keto
    • but she sometimes has to wake up in the middle of the night and drink a juice to get that blood sugar up 


  • Can be sad to see people gain tons of weight
  • They start hiding in pictures
    • Only posting pics of their kids and not them, etc.
    • Now their loved ones don't have pictures of them 
  • Get insecure
  • This is hard to watch
  • People feel trapped like they are in prison
  • You can find that key and get out
    • It's a mental transition
    • This can be simpler than you think
    • You will have to fight a lot
    • But it is worth it
  • You're one meal away from starting on the right track