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Nov 2, 2018

: Episode 1181 - Mikhaila Peterson joins Vinnie Tortorich this Friday to talk kids' unhealthy medication dependence, how diet can fix many of the issues that medication tries to alleviate the symptoms of, the carnivore diet, and more!



  • Mikhaila Peterson is 26
    • From Canada! Her father is Jordan Peterson 
  • Previously was interested in what medicines could make her feel better
    • Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 7
      • She got injections for this, suffered great pains and issues 
      • Had multiple joints replaced by 17
        • STILL, no doctor mentioned diet as a treatment 
    • Severe depression at 12
    • Awful chronic fatigue
    • Looking at medications to hide the symptoms of this 
    • Messed up that the way to keep kids calm / under control is by drugging them
  • Slept 17-18 hours a day at one time in her life
    • Took adderall
    • Was totally commonplace to take this drug
    • Doesn't make you productive, necessarily, but it makes you feel productive
  • Changed her diet at 23
    • Went REALLY low carb
    • Initially went rice, veggies, and meat and felt much better
      • Eventually got rid of rice and lots of veggies because they weren't making her feel THAT much better
    • Had to leave University because she ate crap and felt awful which partly drove her to change her diet
    • Her diet change helped her medical conditions, including skin rash, depression, arthritis, fatigue, etc.
  • Reintroduced candy and soy but her autoimmune system freaked out, and she had horrible flare-ups 
  • Kept cutting foods out that she reacted to
  • Got off anti-depressants and other 
  • Ended up with basically auto-immune 
    • Mostly meats and limited vegetables
  • Now, Mikhaila just eats meat and salt!
    • Started with chicken, but cut it out eventually 
    • Arthritis cleared up, mood got better, itching went away 
  • Ideally, she eats a ribeye in the morning and a ribeye at night
    • Ate 2.5 lbs when breastfeeding, now about 1.5 lbs