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Nov 30, 2018


: Episode 1201 - Dr. Juan Franco joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss the morbid obesity and prevalent diabetes epidemics that are plaguing Mexico and his work fighting metabolic issues. 



  • He is a doctor out of University of Mexico 
    • Works in Tijuana 
  • Dr. Franco makes house calls
  • It is incredibly important for a doctor to understand the environment in which their patients live
  • A shock when he began seeing his patients' homes and lifestyles firsthand 


  • It's a misconception that Mexicans need to/should eat grains
    • Ate primarily meat and fish (protein), then introduced grains and legume
  • Mexicans do not have the gene for diabetes
    • It is a cuisine choice
  • Some Mexicans culturally find it difficult to quit grains
    • It really is a choice - there are good, healthy alternatives to rice and other things
  • Kids in Mexico are being born 10 or 12 lbs because their mothers are pre-diabetic and consuming so much sugar during pregnancy
  • Some young girls develop breasts at a very young age (6 or 7) because of the extra fat and estrogen that comes from grains and sugars
    • This is a symptom of metabolic syndrome
  • The SAD has misinformed America and Mexico, too
  • Economics do play an important role in the obesity issues
    • However, once families learn that moderate protein and high fat is good, people of low-socioeconomic status in Mexico can still make it work!
  • People really do not want to lose tortillas, etc.
    • Juan Franco advises food restriction depending on where people are metabolically
      • 20g of carbs /day for someone very metabolically damaged, as opposed to 60-80g of carbs for a little weight loss
    • It's mainly about making fats a staple food and educating people