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Oct 26, 2016

: Episode 694 -- The lovely Nicole Recine joins Vinnie Tortorich to discuss appearance fads, deciphering insulin, and explain differences between insulin and glucose




  • Guy at the gym had the extremely short buzzcut with the ironically long beard
    • What is this look??
    • Amish want their look back
  • Many men are trying to be overly masculine these days 
  • Men use hairdryers and am getting manicures
    • Men these days are more comfortable with sexuality


  • Insulin is a hormone that controls blood sugar
    • When you eat sugar or protein, your blood sugar spikes and your pancreas releases insulin
    • Cannot be measured at home, only in a lab
    • Insulin allows the blood sugar to enter the cells to be used for energy
      • First job is to bring blood glucose down  
      • Lowers blood sugar!
      • Helps store fat (triglyceride chains)
    • If you are trying to burn fat, you don't want too high a blood sugar because you don't want insulin to get too high and store more fat
      • Low insulin = access to fat stores
    • Insulin resistance is when your body is constantly over producing insulin (even when you are fasting) to take care of the load of carbs it expects you to eat from past experience 
      • Essentially, this means your body then can't access the fat and makes you feel hungry to use sugar as fuel