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Nov 26, 2016

: Episode 712 - Listener and fan David Sternberg joins Vinnie to talk about his first attempt at the Adirondack 540 and his efforts to remain fat-adapted during the race.


  • Has done a few phone calls with Vinnie in the past
  • Reached out to some of Vinnie's friends (including Tony!)
  • Talked to plenty of folks about NSNG 
    • Vinnie offered his services for free, but David and Vinnie still couldn't convince Ernest who was extremely overweight but still a cyclist
      • (exercise is a poor way to lose weight)
        • Must change diet to lose weight, exercise can supplement it but may actually increase weight due to muscle mass
          • Can help with losing inches and fat 
  • Folks have to be interested in being thin!


  • A gorgeous ultracycling event in New York 
    • Did the 408 miler
      • Completed it in 49 hours
  • Remained fat-adapted throughout the race 
    • Ate spoonfulls of solid coconut oil
      • He was lucky in that his body had no trouble processing that
        • Likely went through a whole cup of coconut oil
  • Also fueled with "nuggets of energy"
    • Dark chocolate and an assortment of nuts
      • 10g of fat, 4g of sugar
      • Experimented with these for he was slightly worried he wasn't fat adapted to enough 
  • Made some PB&J sandwiches because he has bonked in the past and was afraid of bonking
  • He plans on doing one of his races in the future completely fat-adapted!
    • He must play around with it ahead of time a bit more 
  • Took his hands a long while to stop hurting 
    • His toes were numb for a few days after the race