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Jan 22, 2018

: Episode 981 - Vinnie & Anna explore many topics such as "top-rated" crazy diets, spanx, wife beating (no, really), gym membership shenanigans, feeling the burn and more on this Monday episode of the Fitness Confidential podcast.



  • Spanx are a great resource
  • However, they are good for one night MAX
  • Sometimes, only a matter of hours before they get bad 
  • The woman who created Spanx is a millionaire
  • Spanx only sort of work
    • Priced expensively 


  • There are some freaky crazy diets out there
  • Some diets that ended up at the top
    • DASH Diet
      • What???
      • Not an all-purpose diet but still on top?
      • This diet is BS
      • A low-fat, high sugar diet
    • MIND Diet
      • Combines Med Diet and DASH diet for "Brain" diet
      • Aggregation of two BS diets
    • "Eco" Atkins
      • What???
      • Claims 8 lbs a month
      • This is ridiculous and unrealistic 
  • There are PLENTY more