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Sep 30, 2016

: Episode 380 - Dr. Jeff Gerber joins Vinnie today to discuss the health system, low carb high fat diets, and chronic metabolic disease.



  • From Littleton, Colorado
  • Check out his website right here
  • Family Medical Doctor
  • Grabbed food with Vinnie, Serena, and Ivor Cummins 
  • Focuses on diet to cure a lot of metabolic and heart disease
    • Low carb high fat, ketogenic, paleo diets & more 


  • The biggest killer
  • This is Dr. Jeff's focus 
  • People are just getting heavier and heavier
  • People around Vinnie and Jeff's age have been fed the worst nutrition information over the years 
    • Due to the fact that the amount of time spent on nutrition in med school is minimal, and only preached reduced fat and reduced calories 
  • Chronic diseases have exploded recently
    • People only given 'bandaids'
  • Dietary approach is really the only way to make that chronic disease go away/be manageable 
    • It is a lifestyle change, just like NSNG is 
  • Difficult to convince people LCHF is the way to go when doctors prescribe heart healthy grains and calorie cuts 
  • The confusion between ketoacidosis (bad and not related to low carb diets) and dietary ketosis (good, what happens when you seriously limit carbs)  does not help LCHF's case
  • A lot of this misinformation comes down to money