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Jun 28, 2019

: Episode 1351 - Dr. Anthony Jay makes a fourth appearance on this podcast, and he and Vinnie discuss the qualms of the carnivore diet, legitimate vs. epidemiological studies, cannabis use and health, and more on this Friday show.




  • Check out his first appearance on the podcast here
  • He and Vinnie are pals now
  • Dr. Jay is at Mayo Clinic
  • A research scientist, has his PhD
  • Does health consulting!
    • Great to contact if you want to revamp your health
  • Has done some strict studies with the carnivore diet
    • Wanted people who haven't done it before
      • Every single person dropped out for health issues
    • Stuck with red meat
    • It's a tough, tough thing


  • Plants, coffee, olive oil are great to stop plaque build up
    • Flavonoids 
    • There seem to be a specific group of people very focused on this 
      • More research going into it
    • He thinks this has a place in a specific group of people
  • Epidemiological studies are BS
    • Need to look at the actual cells
  • THC is the rewarding part of cannabis for health, CBD is the more meaningless part
    • People with psychotic disorders benefit from cannabis use
    • Anti-inflammatory, so this makes sense with conditions like schizophrenia 
  • Many studies with cannabis are not 'clean' studies
    • Many of the users were also using other drugs, or using cannabis illicitly 
  • Dr. Jay thinks this is protective & adjunctive treatment - good for those with MS, brain issues, etc.
    • Much better than alcohol 
  • Overall, beneficial for inflammatory issues in many adults 
  • Teenagers do negatively throw off their hormone balances with heavy use