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Apr 23, 2016

Episode 589 : Listener Rebecca joins Vinnie Tortorich on this Saturday show to ask about beginner bike riders and she also talks about her amazing NSNG weight loss journey. 



  • Goes way back with Vinnie and the Lorey's
    • She had lunch with Vinnie and Serena when she was in town 
  • Rebecca went from ~300lbs to 185 lbs
    • Cutting out sugar and grains!
  • Eased herself onto NSNG, first grains then sugars 
    • Has had amazing results
  • After losing 110 lbs, Rebecca looks like a totally different person
  • Shooting for 150-160lbs 
    • She is 5'10"


  • Rebecca has started riding a bike
  • She knows how to bike, does around 10 miles a day
    • Has a cross-bike
  • Had her first crash
  • Vinnie's tips:
    • You must be very careful and aware of curbs and such
    • Strong core helps bike riding 
    • Get tires that are as wide as possible 
      • Run as low a tire pressure as possible
      • Better stability and patch
        • Patch = amount of rubber on the asphalt 


  • Always use easier gear and spin pedals faster instead of more slowly pushing a harder gear
    • Prevents knee injury 
  • If you can afford it, use a professional bike fitter
    • You want the seat to be high enough so that when the pedal is all the way at the bottom, there is still a 10ยบ bend