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Jun 26, 2014


In this podcast Vinnie talks to Zach Bitter, a teacher who owns the world record in a12 hour running event and the American record for 100 mile and 200 kilometer races. They talk about their admiration for Yiannis Kouros, how there are no specific body types when it comes to ultra sport athletes and Michael Arenstein, a fruitarian who claims to have eaten 50 pounds of fruit every day.

Check out Zach Bitter's blog here.

We also discuss…

Zach’s Training Schedule: 
  - Runs 20 hours/week during the school year
  - Wakes up between 4-5 am and runs 10-18 miles 
  - Trains during lunch when he can
  - After school he runs more
  - In the afternoons he does strength training, stretching, foam roller or take an Epsom salt bath

Dr.Jeff Volek
  - Ultra Marathon runners are divided into 2 groups
    * High Fat Group Set - less than 10% carb intake
    * High Carb Group Set - less than 10% fat intake
  - Found that fat adapted athletes can easily run for 5 hours

Pocket Fuel
  - Tim Olson, an ultra marathon runner, uses Pocket Fuel because it cuts down on sugar intake

  - Pocket Fuel hasn't worked for Vinnie

  - Zach believes that if you’re fat adapted you don't need to consume fat during race unless you need calories
  - You are "eating today for tomorrow"
  - Everyone's nutrition needs are different