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Jun 2, 2018

: Episode 1072 - Long-time NSNGer and podcaster Aarn Farmer joins Vinnie, and the two discuss Aarn's podcast, My Sugar Free Journey, which details Aarn's amazing 200+ lbs weight loss journey, his low-carb diet day-to-day, the Fat Doc, and more on this Saturday show! 



  • Aarn wanted to do the right thing -- he had a wife and three kids to live for
  • Started a blog mostly as a note-keeping device
    • Initially started as just sugar free, then dropped grains and other carby foods
  • Now, he's researched ketones and a ketogenic diet extensively
  • He found Vinnie's podcast in the early stages via a business podcast!
  • Lost over 200 lbs as a result
    • He was over 400 lbs with CRAZY high blood pressure
    • He knew he had to change his diet and weight, or lose his life
  • Aarn's found that most chronic illnesses can be largely, if not completely, solved through this type of lifestyle
  • Prior to this, Aarn really bought in to the SAD crap, as countless others do
    • It's tough because Average Joe has no reason to initially doubt the advice our government and these "experts" give us
  • He has over 80 shows for his podcast now
    • Started as a place to put his thoughts together and speak to leaders in the field
      • He, too, brings on luminaries from various health and fitness fields


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