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Sep 23, 2017

: Episode 903 - Listener Aarn joins Vinnie today to discuss his weightloss journey, and how he has essentially lost the weight of half a man (an obese man) in return has gained his whole life back.



  • Pronounced "Aaron"
  • Started a blog and podcast to keep himself honest
  • He was 400lbs and at one point his blood pressure was 200/160, 237/180 on his worst day
    • About to stroke out and die
  • He found Vinnie!
  • Saw how his fat was affecting his health


  • Did research, at first just stopped eating sugar, then heard Vinnie's show
  • Then began to stop eating grain and the weight loss began
  • Juiced before he found Vinnie, lots weight, then gained it all back when he realized he was essentially starving himself
  • Has lost a TON of weight on NSNG
    • Started with 100 lbs, then continued on with more weight loss after stalling for awhile
  • He didn't see the blood pressure drop with the first 100 lbs, so decided to lose another 100 lbs
  • Aarn knew he had to go all in
  • When he got down to 230, had to buy new clothes
  • New belt, 18 inches shorter than old belt
  • Goal: get below 200
    • Got there!
  • Celebrate the small victories!
  • Did a keto challenge too