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Oct 31, 2018

Episode 1180 - On this Best Of, we bring back a 1on1 from January of 2017 with Nicole Recine focused on cholesterol! Also, make sure to check out the new 10 for 10, the Cholesterol Collection, here!



  • Nicole does consultations on for help with blood sugar regulation, diabetes management, fine-tuning NSNG, cholesterol testing, etc.
  • Vinnie enjoys plugging her services because Nicole does specialty consulting that Vinnie doesn’t do
  • you can sign up with Nicole here at
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) can prescribe medicine and get much of the same training as MD’s do. 
  • In their specialties, NP’s might even know more that the typical doctors


  • Cholesterol is not bad. All cholesterol is good except when the particles become small and dense.
  • Small and dense cholesterol particles get embedded in the lining of arteries and cause plaque buildup
  • This happens when someone becomes metabolically damaged by inflammation
  • Inflammation is caused by sugars and grains
  • Children need cholesterol for their brains to grow properly.
  • By telling kids to have a low-fat diet and eat sugars and grains, you are only promoting obesity and metabolic syndrome as well as preventing proper growth of their brain
  • There are studies that show that people who eat low-cholesterol diets wind up having more heart disease
  • There are also studies that show women who live longer have higher levels of cholesterol, so cholesterol may be protective


  • LDL cholesterol is often categorized as “bad cholesterol” and HDL cholesterol is indicated as the “good cholesterol”
  • Doctors are telling people to lower LDL cholesterol by cutting down fat
  • Doctors are looking at the diagnostic results and just trying to put people in a range on the chart which has nothing to do with the reality of their health
  • Doctors automatically want to put patients on a statin if there LDL cholesterol is over 100 but don’t really understand why.
  • Doctors don’t know how to read the detailed cholesterol panels and therefore won’t order it
  • Vinnie recommends telling your doctor to order it anyway and give it to you, then bring it to someone like Nicole Recine RN, Dr. Jeffrey Gerber, Dr. Eric Westman, etc to read.
  • Nicole is the easiest to get a hold of :-)
  • Nicole charges $75 for a 30 minute session to go through the detailed cholesterol panel and give recommendations
  • watch movies like Statin Nation


  • People often ask whether or not there kids can eat and NSNG
  • Bacon and eggs instead of cereal and juice
  • If you want your kid to be perfectly stupid, give him Cheerios. If you want him to be smart, give him eggs and bacon – Vinnie Tortorich
  • Nicole personally believes that NSNG is the perfect nutrition for kids
  • It’s okay to have sugar and treats on celebrations, but not on a day-to-day basis
  • They will be extremely hyper and then lethargic once their blood sugar crashes
  • Nicole explains that it is important to introduce real foods to very young kids early on. This may help prevent them becoming picky eaters as they get older.


  • The 1st time this happened, the young man ordered a sugary frappuccino. He is 6’2″, 270 pounds.
  • Vinnie explained that he shouldn’t eat so much sugar, and his friend replied that he was trying to cut down on the fat to lose weight
  • Vinnie told him about NSNG and gave him a copy of his book Fitness Confidential
  • When Vinnie saw him several months later and expressed his disappointment that he had replaced the frappuccino with heavily sweetened tea
  • His friend said that he has bigger problems in life to worry about than sugar in his tea, and Vinnie told him that he really didn’t have bigger problems than that. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything
  • Nicole agrees that sometimes friends and family members are not ready to transition to NSNG and you just have to lead by example


  • People come to Nicole and want to know about glucose and insulin and why they are important
  • They know that they are supposed to eat food that does not cause and insulin spike or a glucose like
  • when you eat a meal that’s high in carbohydrates or sugars, your blood sugar spikes
  • when you get a blood sugar spike after a meal, your pancreas shoots out insulin that helps counteract the blood sugar spike by driving the it into storage as triglycerides for later use. This brings blood sugar down to normal levels
  • anytime insulin is in your blood, you’re in storage mode
  • when you eat sugar and grains and high carbohydrate meals all the time, your body begins to become resistant to the insulin. This forces your pancreas to produce more and more insulin in order to counteract the blood sugar.
  • There comes a point when there is so much insulin floating around in your blood, your body cannot access the energy from your fat cells. You’re always in “storage mode” and fat increases.
  • Since your body cannot access the energy stored in your fat cells, you become hungry again and eat more carbohydrates and the cycle continues
  • The goal of NSNG is to get to those insulin levels down, and to do that we want to stop spiking the blood sugar
  • The goal of NSNG is to get to those insulin levels down, and to do that we want to stop spiking the blood sugar – Nicole Recine, RN, MSN
  • Fat has literally no effect on blood sugar
  • Protein has a small effect on blood sugar, so she recommends keeping protein moderate
  • Vinnie recommends people read Gary Taubes’ book Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It and then read it a 2nd time a couple months after you finished it.
  • The lowest economic strata of people are often the fattest because they can only afford to buy the cheapest foods which is subsidized sugars and grains