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May 14, 2018

: Episode 1059 - Anna joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk the Indiegogo campaign for the new Fat Doc (donate here!), Vinnie's new great hire, Scott Mulvaney, Zone 2 changes, Anna's water fast, and more!



  • This doc is not about NSNG
  • It is about how we got to this point, where everyone is fat following the US's guidelines
  • Vinnie wants to get the best folks in the industry to talk what went wrong
  • He wants to break walls down because this often seems like a political issue
  • We need to get the ball rolling!
  • We're going to get this on places like Amazon, Netflix, airline TVs, etc.
  • Anna herself made a generous contribution!
  • ANY amount counts
  • If you can't give monetarily, please please please share with all of your friends
  • We are almost halfway to our goal
    • over 900 backers, over $63,000!


  • The rough calculation of Zone 2 takes into consideration your age
  • With each year you age, hypothetically you'd take a number off of your Zone 2
  • You don't need to change your Zone 2 overnight
  • Particularly if you're in shape, you can add a few beats per minute 
  • Zone 2 is most fat burning (not glycogen burning) and O2 using
  • If you are just walking quickly, DO THAT!
  • Don't worry about looking "lame" because you're not running super fast or lifting incredibly quickly in order to stay in Zone 2
    • Gotta get over that pretty quickly