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Jun 14, 2017

: Epispde 837 - Vinnie tells Andy about his recent trip to the desert and how he noticed that every single person at the resort pool was overweight and laments that people do not seem to be taking care of themselves properly in many situations.



  • Vinnie and Serena recently went to Ojai on a little vacation
  • They also had a reservation out in the desert
    • Temperatures get ridiculous in the summer
  • The two wanted to get away and do nothing
    • Serena had massages and the like, Vinnie literally did nothing
      • Laid by the pool the whole time


  • On their vacation, they realized there were people who looked like they did not properly take care of themselves
    • This isn't about weight, it's about caring even a smidge
  • Also, everyone was totally overweight
    • Not just some extra weight, morbidly obese people
      • Young, old, everyone
  • People asked Serena how she looks the way she looks (because she is a babe)
    • So often people will ask about it, then brush it off ignorantly
  • Those who TRY are the ones who rock!
    • It's all about trying
    • Incremental = working for it
  • All Vinnie wants is for people to give NSNG a chance
    • Then, you will realize that it really works!