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Mar 24, 2018

: Episode 1022 - Listener Robert Stanton joins Vinnie today to discuss child fitness, sitcoms, and Robert's weight loss journey including the cardiac arrest (that actually killed him) which motivated this lifestyle change.



  • Vinnie had seen young kids constantly stuffing their mouths
    • Parents give their kids cups full of sugar
  • When he was a kid, he ate healthily
  • Part of why he came to LA was to get into child fitness
    • He went to Nickelodeon and other channels/companies, but none of them bought it 
  • Wanted to discuss exercise and diet to help children
    • When he brought up discussing the detrimental effects of sugar, the energy left the room


  • Robert lost 60 lbs sitting in a chair
    • He didn't exercise, just changed his diet
  • Now it's about maintenance and achieving certain goals
  • Robert is 56
  • A year and a half into this 
  • Found Vinnie via the Carolla the effect
  • Robert died from a heart attack
    • They saved him, but told him he wouldn't live much longer
  • He changed his diet, and is now doing wonderfully
    • His life flashed before his eyes, so NSNG has been easy in that the other option was death 
    • At first he started with "heart healthy grains" and sweeteners, but that didn't work
      • found NSNG
  • Off of many of his medications
    • Also should be off disability soon!
  • If he knew the truth about the inflammatory nature of sugar and grains, things could have been much different from the start