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Nov 11, 2018

: Episode 1188 - The wonderful Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and they discuss walking as a great form of exercise, crazy bro science fads, and more. 



  • Gina broke her foot
  • In a little exoskeleton in place of a cast
  • Using crutches, keeping weight off of it for a few weeks
  • This is super hard for Gina because she is a walker
    • Walks everywhere, all the time!
  • Walking is real exercise 
    • Also a form of meditation
    • Use the time to disconnect from technology, just enjoy your surroundings or your company 


  • Breast milk is the new fad for pre-workout bro science
  • Do NOT drink breast milk before you work out - unnecessary
    • Pretty crazy
  • "Body builders are drug addicts"
  • Some body builders used to eat baby food 
  • Liver is actually a good thing to eat
    • Not going to give you superhuman powers, though
  • Don't listen to someone who starts their day off by injecting themselves with drugs
    • Insulin (if they aren't diabetic), steroids, etc.
  • One fad is making carb the main event of a meal
    • This was NEVER supposed to be the way
    • A relatively new phenomenon