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Apr 15, 2018

: Episode 1038 - This Sunday, Vinnie runs what would typically be a "Saturday" show, and he and listener Daniel discuss unhealthy college habits, and Daniel's success finding NSNG, losing weight, and living with much better health.



  • In college, you eat what you can afford and what is easy
    • Often, this means super unhealthy food
  • Daniel lived on things like cake mix and ramen
  • Vinnie couldn't afford Popeyes in college at times 
    • Even Vinnie had concerns about getting fat
    • He refused to get fat at that point
      • Wanted to figure out how he was getting fat, and what to do about it
  • Daniel had a similar experience to Vinnie
    • Survived college, but was fat and sick
      • Since, Daniel has found lots of success with NSNG and is SO much healthier