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Aug 2, 2019

: Episode 1376 - Marika Sboros joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss her work as a nutrition journalist, the Tim Noakes trial and the book the two wrote about it, (un)covering the truth about nutrition and health, and more.




  • Marika has been on the show many times
  • Check out her previous appearances here, here and here
  • She is from South Africa, now in England
  • Like Vinnie, Marika has a passion to share the truth
    • She has been a journalist her whole life
    • Went from politics and religion to nutrition
  • Covered the Tim Noakes trial and the two wrote a book as a result
  • She has seen, up close and personal, the effects of persecution of doctors who are just trying to share the truth
  • She's not a conspiracist, not a paranoid person, just someone who has done the research and uncovered the truth
    • The truth just happens to be different than what we are taught traditionally
    • Fat Doc is a way to teach people the truth
  • Fortunately, more journalists are beginning to cover this stuff, too
    • Nina Teicholz is one in the states!
  • Check out her other book, Real Food on Trial
    • Updated with the appeal hearing
    • Tim has included more science
    • A very strong book
  • Lots of people call her out, but can't actually prove her wrong
    • Happens to Vinnie, Nina, etc.
    • These folks don't have science to back it up