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Jul 6, 2019

: Episode 1357 - Jennifer Lankenau joins Vinnie for this Saturday listener show, and the two discuss her struggle with seizures, treating epilepsy with a ketogenic diet when no other medication worked, her weight loss along the way, resistant doctors and more.




  • Jennifer is in her 40s
    • Has an awesome boyfriend who Vinnie gets along with
  • Lives in Seattle, WA
  • Jennifer's handle on Twitter was SeizureSalad
    • Caught Vinnie's attention
    • She's had seizures since she was 12
      • Partial complex absence seizures
      • Didn't realize they were seizures, didn't connect it with epilepsy
  • Diagnosed with epilepsy at 20
    • Prior to then, had no pharmaceutical help
    • Her brother developed bad epilepsy in his 20s
      • For her brother and her mom, medication controls them
  • She had seizures in clusters
    • Affected her memory
      • Couldn't remember what she looked like, where she was, etc.
        • Passes after a few minutes
    • Reacts violently during the seizures to anyone touching her
  • Medicine did not work for her epilepsy
      • Her hormones did not help her case
        • Developed uterine cancer and realized she had endometriosis  
    • Medicines actually affected her badly
      • On one medication, her co-workers thought she was having a stroke
  •  Started a ketogenic diet to treat it instead
    • Was sick of being a guinea pig with new medications, etc.
    • Found the Charlie Foundation (featured in the Fat Doc)
    • Her doctor did not recommend it but she knew she had to try
    • Began with a two day fast
    • Within the first couple of months, she had no seizures or auras
  • After 6 months, she had not had any seizures
    • First time in her life
    • Also lost weight, her insomnia faded, etc.
    • She came off of her medication during this time
  • Jennifer has also lost 140 lbs!
    • Got up to 280 at one point
    • She is a totally different person - health wise, and psychologically