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Dec 15, 2018

: Episode 1212 - The Reynolds family joins Vinnie this Saturday, and they talk the family's transition to a ketogenic diet in order to treat their son, Toby's epilepsy with amazing results, and more.



  • Andy, the father, has followed Vinnie on Twitter for awhile
    • Put up a video of his son, Toby (8) playing one of Vinnie's favorite songs on the guitar
      • Vinnie was very impressed
  • Haley, Toby, and Tom
  • They are located in Manchester 


  • Toby has epilepsy
    • Lots of brief, absent seizures
    • At one point, he was having about 150 a day
    • The medications, over the four years, made him worse and angry
  • Had to sedate him to send him to school
  • Needed to find an alternative solution
    • Doctors recommended ketogenic diet
  • The whole family is in now eating a ketogenic diet
  • Used to eat cereal and fruit juice for breakfast, pasta and the like for dinner
    • Toby would have more seizures after this breakfast
  • Saw a massive reduction in seizures when they initially reduced glucose (even before ketosis)
  • Omelette, ham, cheese, sausage, cooked in olive oil is the new breakfast
  • Tom still has a little bit of sugar for breakfast, but for the most part it's cut out
  • Now, Toby has around 5 seizures a day, down from 150
  • Higher the ketone level, fewer the seizures
  • Severity of the seizures has also decreased