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May 19, 2017

Episode 819: Journalist Marika Sboros joins Vinnie today to give a recap of the victorious Timothy Noakes trial and discuss the extreme double-standard and favoritism enjoyed by the orthodox medical community and vegan agenda.



  • Vinnie interviewed her about a month ago - make sure to check out that show
  • Strong believer that eating right (low carb high fat) can fix or alleviate many health issues
  • "Let Food be Your Medicine"
  • Has many LCHF resources on her site
  • She has been covering this trial


  • Dr. Noakes is a doctor in South Africa
  • He was facing trial because he prescribed LCHF diet for a breastfeeding mother on Twitter
    • Sugar and grain industry use their influence to strike again
  • He has been found NOT GUILTY of professional misconduct, thank goodness
    • However, the fact that he even faced trial for years
  • Noakes was just trying to show that the popular held believe (low fat, lots of carbs) is BS
  • Prosecution and persecution for his views on nutrition


You can see the Zapruder film here.