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Dec 14, 2018

: Episode 1211 - Dr. Verner Wheelock joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk the vilification of fat, cholesterol, the cholesterol 10 for 10, government corruption around diet, his book Healthy Eating: The Big Mistake, the growing low-carb high-fat movement, and more.



  • Check him out on Twitter here!
  • He is researching alternatives to dietary guidelines
  • Thinks these guidelines which recommend reduced fat 
    • It is all nonsense
  • If you really look at the evidence of these studies, none of them legitimately lead to the conclusion that low fat is good
  • Britain has similar dietary guidelines to the US
    • Despite this, still tons of heart disease, etc.
  • It's not just about bad science - this is about corruption
    • All around the world, people are willfully ignoring this evidence and discarding it because it does not fit their narratives or line their pockets
  • Has a fantastic book - check it out here 
  • Doctors over-prescribe medications and don't change their patients' diets when just changing diets can save their patients
    • We do not need to be chopping off limbs of diabetics - change in diet can stop this