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Jan 12, 2019

: Episode 1232 - Listener Chris Jannuzzi (CJ) joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two talk his weight gain and weight loss journey, his raw food diet attempt, ultra events, and more.



  • Vinnie and CJ had a consult
  • Wanted to ask how to fuel up when dragging in workouts
  • Best piece of advice was to slow the hell down and do it in zone 2
  • After college, CJ gained a good amount of weight 
    • Ended up 235+ lbs at 5'8"
      • Could afford to lose 50 or more 
    • Ate like a teenager, wasn't really exercising
  • He played a lot of golf when he started to lose weight
    • the walking helps, but drinking beer and eating hot dogs doesn't
  • Exercise is a poor way to lose weight 
  • CJ tried out the raw food diet
    • Vegan by nature
    • Tried it to lose weight 
    • Didn't cheat for about 6 weeks
    • Realized how incredibly unsustainable it was
  • Even in ultra events, there is so much sugar being consumed
    • People still have fat around the middle
    • And, they poop their pants during the races
    • CJ found this trickling sugar thing did not help him lose weight 
      • He was a middle of the packer
      • Would have 12 bottles of gatorade over a 6 hour bike ride
        • STRAIGHT sugar 
  • The two met at Carolla's guac competition
  • CJ was almost a Type 2 diabetic before finding Vinnie