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Jun 11, 2018

: Episode 1079 - Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino talk to Vinnie's mom, Marie, and then discuss the fact that the Fat Doc campaign is closed but folks can still give, some recipes and tomato pastes, the power of photoshop, sports and injuries, diet plateaus, inflammation and more on this Monday episode.



  • Marie makes an appearance on this show!
  • She loves all her four sons equally
  • Mark likely was a better football player
  • Vinnie was a great baseball player but his shoulder was too injured by football in highschool
  • Her husband and Vinnie's dad, Cy, has picked up the sax again!
    • He used to be a studio player



  • After the episode where Vinnie discussed Oprah, people talked about her more on the FB group
  • A lot of the photos of her are completely photoshopped
  • So wrong to say eating bread can make you thin, and photoshop your own photos to 'prove' it
  • At least show real results if you're misinforming people!
  • Photoshop is sadly a very powerful tool


  • When people do NSNG, they freak out when they plateau
  • They assume this means its just like every other bad diet in which you plateau then fail
  • However, often plateauing in NSNG just means you need to make a little change or give it some more time
  • Consults are great to figure out what to tweak
  • Consulting the FB group can also help
  • Also, a lot of the time you may lose weight and still lose inches or have clothes fitting better
  • It's normal to lose some weight and have several weeks of nothing
  • Most important thing if you feel better
  • If you're plateauing for a couple months or more, that's when you really need to look into the specifics of what you're doing
  • Some examples of reasons for pleateaus
    • Salad dressings
    • Too much of a good thing (too much HWC in too many cups of coffee)
    • Many other reasons!