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Jun 15, 2018

: Episode 1081 - The amazing Dr. Anthony Jay joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss his background in genetics, his book, Estrogeneration, his study of Vinnie's genes, statins, and more on this podcast!



  • Anthony's brother, Nick, was on last Saturday show!
    • He is an amazing guy, and also in the health care business
  • He is the author of Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile
  • He looks at raw DNA code and looks at Detox genes
    • How does your liver get rid of toxins?
    • Some people can't rid themselves of aluminum and the like easily, whereas others can, for example
  • First looked at animal genes, then got a real interest in human genes and DNA consults
    • Helps a lot of pro athletes as well
  • Works for Mayo Clinic
  • He analyzed Vinnie's genes


  • Vinnie's body washes out salts more than the average person
  • He has to drink extra water and eat extra salt as a result
    • Part of the reason Ultra Salt exists
  • Needs more Vitamin D than normal
    • Both of his parents likely have Vitamin D deficiency
      • PVC also has a Vitamin D supplement!
  • Genetically disposed to caring about others more
  • Slightly weaker bones
  • He would likely get muscle damage from statins
    • Just ANOTHER reason not to buy into statins
  • Long telomeres -- good for life expectancy 
  • Red wine can improve his heart!
  • Coumadin resistant 
    • His mom should be checked too seeing as she receives this drug and she may be resistant
  • He actually has a decreased sensitivity to fructose, including its taste and how much his body take it up
  • His genes suggest he may want to avoid high lactose
    • However, he doesn't feel he does
  • Adderal and the like would make him go crazy 
  • Slow metabolizer of caffeine -- stays in his body longer
  • Most people can overcome most genetic weaknesses with the right diet and lifestyle