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Aug 22, 2018

: Episode 1130 - Andy joins Vinnie this Wednesday to discuss Vinnie's crazy month, the importance of Ultra Salt at the Hell of a Half Marathon, endurance events, and more!



  • We packed tons of sample packs
  • More than for Badwater
  • Even EMTs actually asked for their Ultra Salt to help a guy on the ground cramping
    • After, they came and picked up more because they liked it so much
  • They were all gone by the end of it
  • People working the event encouraged people to come to the PVC booth to get some electrolytes 
  • This is NOT just a capsule full of salt
    • Salt is a key electrolyte, but others are just as important
      • Potassium, Calcium, Manganese, too
  • A lot of Mexican Americans participating in this Hell of a Half event
  • Near many farming communities
  • People of every body shape in this event, even the top finishers