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Mar 19, 2018

: Episode 1019 - Join Anna and Vinnie while Anna planks and the two discuss types of body fat, silly heart health studies, balanced exercise, and more!



  • You can plank on your elbows or on your forearms
  • Plank with Anna right now!
  • Try to plank every day for as long as you can
    • Build yourself up
  • On the FB group (Vinnie Tortorich's No Sugar No Grains), a woman is hosting a daily plank challenge
    • Holding yourself accountable
  • Don't plank with socks on
  • Anna planked at 1 min 45 seconds on this show!


  • If Vinnie has to advise someone on what type of exercise they should do, he recommends both aerobic and anaerobic
  • Weightlifting is JUST as important as cardio
    • Gotta make your muscles and bones stronger
  • Zone 2 training is great when you're training for really anything
    • Important aerobic training
    • HIIT is not necessary 
  • Pilates is strength training, but you have to get to that point
    • Your heart rate won't go up very much, though
  • Yes, exercise can and will make your heart stronger!