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May 23, 2018

: Episode 1065 - Vinnie and Andy talk PVC and PCC customer service, replacement products, and the evolution of playgrounds to a point where kids are too protected on this Wednesday show. 



  • Playgrounds have changed drastically over the past few decades
  • Back in the day:
    • See saws used to be quite dangerous
    • 8 or 10' metal disk as a Merri-Go-Round
      • If your leg got caught in there, you're screwed
    • 5 or 6 level high monkey bars over concrete
    • Stand alone, not sturdy swing sets
    • There weren't adults saying "no, stop, be careful, don't do that!"
  • Nowadays, kids are certainly safer but often too protected
    • There are a lot of articles about this
    • NYT has an article
    • Playgrounds may be too safe
    • Children need to encounter risks and overcome risks 
    • It is good for a kid to skin a knee and the like - it makes them tough and helps them understand danger 
  • We need kids to go outside and play more in general
    • Less screen time, more outdoor time