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Jul 1, 2018

: Episode 1093 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this episode of Vinnie's Sunday School, and the two talk how NSNG works, the body image pendulum, and more!



  • NSNG is cool because people like it even if they don't associate it with Vinnie
  • If you aren't positive it's working, stop it, then you'll see
  • Once you stop doing it, you realize how it really has been working


  • Body image is difficult
  • We DO NOT want to body shame people
  • However, we can't make obesity normal!
    • This just results in more people being unhealthy
  • We want to make kids feel good in their skin, but also want to make sure they know what is healthy and encourage them to pursue a healthy lifestyle 
  • People, especially kids, do not want to be fat
  • We shouldn't tell kids false things, either
  • Celebrating a few extra pounds is different than celebrating 75+ lbs overweight
  • We want our kids to put their health over everything else
  • It's about how you look and HOW YOU FEEL