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Oct 7, 2018

: Episode 1163 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie this Sunday and the two talk Gina's work with The Art of Elysium, and their charity drive, Girl Talk, benefitting young plastic surgery patients being taught self confidence after surgeries.



  • The drive this week is benefitting young plastic surgery patients
  • Young girls benefitted are between ages 8 and 15
    • (The boys drive is in the spring)
  • Check out more info here
  • Art of Elysium teaches them a lot of self confidence
  • At the end of the workshop, they have a fashion show
  • The fashion show comes with swag bags
  • Right now, they are collecting items for those bags
  • Check out some items you can donate just from Amazon here
  • 15 identical items is what they really need
  • Here are some other things you can donate:
    • Jewelry, Lip Smackers, Lip Gloss, headbands, makeup, socks, purses, coloring utensils, crafts, gift cards, fidget spinners, silly putty, hair bows, keychains, hats, makeup bags, glitter, sunglasses, notebooks, water bottles, One Size Fits All clothing
  • All gifts must be delivered by the 24th!
  • Send goodies to:
    • The Art of Elysium, 3278 Wilshire Blvd #802, Los Angeles, CA 90010, c/o Leslie Culp