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Sep 22, 2018

: Episode 1152 - Listener and NSNGer Ryan Lafond joins Vinnie this Saturday to share his amazing weight loss journey of 170lbs in one year, and taking control of your health after a lifetime of unhealthiness.



  • Ryan lost 170 lbs in a YEAR
  • Check out the before and after below
  • At the start: 6'1.5", 31, 387 lbs at the start
    • Now, he weighs about 217
  • Waiting to see how his body continues to respond to this way of eating
    • Not actively trying to lose more weight
  • Previously, Ryan didn't give much attention to his health
    • Was so busy, let his health suffer as a consequence 
  • He has no goal weight because he has no point of reference
    • Has always been overweight or obese
  • Embarrassed about his weight - it was affecting his life
    • Became desperate to make a change
  • Found Vinnie via the Carolla effect
    • Slowly absorbed principles of NSNG
    • Turning point was the release of the PDF
  • His wife has had some medical issues
    • Unfortunately going through chemo for ovarian cancer
      • However, she has also lost about 60lbs with NSNG! 
    • This only cemented that he needs to take care of his health 
  • Ryan also wanted to be around for all of his kids big moments
  • Saying no to the urges of the breads and the sweets was tough, but now it is easy!
  • Ryan also picked up some more exercise 
  • Eating to live instead of living to eat


Ryan Before

[caption id="attachment_13191" align="aligncenter" width="768"] Ryan After[/caption][caption id="attachment_13192" align="aligncenter" width="768"] Ryan After[/caption]