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Jun 16, 2018

: Episode 1082 - Brad Kearns joins Vinnie for this special Saturday show. Brad is a friend of Vinnie, an author, and an incredible athlete! The two talk Speed Golf, the fear of failure in our world of perfection, college sports and sportsmanship, and more!



  • One sport Brad is great at is Speed Golf
    • A top player in California
    • You are golfing AND running while carrying your golf bag
      • Gotta make decisions quickly
    • This could be part of golf's future
    • Brad's favorite form of running -- a truly amazing work out
    • Adds different challenges to the game
    • It's truly a mental game, too
      • As soon as you think in golf, you're done
  • Check out his website here!
  • Brad is all about Primal Blueprint
    • Reset your diet with keto
  • Leads a very low carb life


  • In this digital world, people feel the need to be constantly perfect
  • This includes in their way of eating
  • You don't have to be absolutely perfect, particularly depending on your goals
    • If your bacon has a tiny bit of sugar in the way it's cured, you'll be ok!
    • Nobody ever got fat from eating an apple
  • So much of this has to do with anxiety these days
  • Failure is needed to get good at stuff
  • Every successful person experienced failure 
  • There might be too much pressure and intensity right now