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Jun 23, 2018

: Episode 1087 - Izzy Presley joins Vinnie today to discuss podcasting and radio hosting, good times, March Gradness, and more on this Saturday show.



  • Izzy is a podcast and radio guy
  • Find him on the radio
  • Monsters of Rock is his thing
  • He is also a comedian!
  • Vinnie has been on with Izzy before
  • Check out Izzy here!
  • Where Izzy grew up, it was tough to get laid
    • Pretty small place and it was the same people every time
    • From St. Cloud
  • Izzy was a big rock guy
  • Participated in March Gradness
    • Was close to winning a date with Gina Grad
  • The two talk coffee as well!
  • He recommends Vinnie's show and lifestyle to many