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Sep 6, 2019

: Episode 1401 - Endurance athlete Zach Bitter joins Vinnie for another appearance on this podcast, and the two discuss Zach's setting world records, fueling for ultra events, the podcast that he and Shawn Baker have been working on, and more this Friday.




  • Zach's been on the show before
  • Check it out here
  • Recently, he's set a world record for fastest 100 mile time
    • 6:48 mile
    • Beat his own record on this one by about 10 minutes
    • Trained in hot temperatures, pushed himself, but used this as a tune-up for an upcoming race in Greece
    • In perfect conditions (fewer people, no pee breaks), he could do it even faster
  • Also set 12 hour record 
    • Stopped a total of 3 times for bathroom breaks, making it 4 minutes total 
  • Has feet in endurance athletics world and nutrition world
  • Majority of his food comes from animal products
    • Sprinkles in veggies and the like
  • 8-16 oz every 30 minutes in these types of races
    • Did everything on liquid calories 
    • Higher than what he normally does in carbs, but that's alright!
  • Zach does a podcast with Shawn Baker