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Mar 17, 2018

:Episode 1017 - Steve Colwell, Vietnam veteran, joins Vinnie today to discuss his Memorial Project, and more! We are very grateful to have Steve on our show, and we are forever grateful to those individuals and their families who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country.

Vinnie has a special place in his heart for those who fight and protect our country. When Vinnie learned about Vietnam Veteran Steve Colwell and his Memorial Project, from a mutual friend, he invited him on today's show to share his story.

Tune in to learn how Steve and his team are close to raising the money to build a world class Memorial at Camp Pendleton to honor the 2706 Marines who died from his Regiment more than 50 years in the Vietnam War.


[caption id="attachment_11944" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Artist Rendering 5th Marine Regiment Vietnam War Memorial Artist Rendering 5th Marine Regiment Vietnam War Memorial[/caption]

The Memorial is being built in Vermont and on March 22nd starts its journey across country to California. Steve anticipates up to 1000 people will attend the Memorial Dedication Ceremony on Monday, May 28th, Memorial Day 2018 in the 5th Marines Memorial Garden, Camp Pendleton, California.

Vinnie and his team from Pure Coffee Club will be there to Serve Coffee to those who Served and to honor those who gave their lives for our country. Vinnie feels this is a very small way to show his appreciation for the sacrifices made by those young Marines 50 years ago and to finally WELCOME THEM HOME and say THANK YOU!

serving those who serve pure coffee club

Click here to Donate to the 5th Marines Vietnam War Memorial

Click here for more information and Register to attend the Public Dedication Ceremony on Memorial Day, 2018

To learn more about the Memorial visit the website
For more information Contact: Steve Colwell