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Aug 18, 2018

: Episode 1127 - Listener Angel joins Vinnie today to talk about NSNG's impact on her health and her son's health, and her journey of taking matters into her own hands for the welfare of her child.



  • Angel is somewhat new to NSNG compared to some others around here
  • She found Vinnie's show through her neighbor
  • Flunked out of Weight Watchers several times and gave up sugar
    • She was struggling, but her neighbor recommended this podcast which made a difference for her
  • Her foster child (who is now her child!) had horrible seizures (age 3)
    • Incredibly intense
    • Doctors wanted to medicate him without even seeing him
    • He was clear for 9 months, then had another grand mal seizure
  • Doctors keep wanting to try different drugs and said keto was not that safe
    • It didn't sound right to her so she looked into it
      • Charlie Foundation was part of it, too (Jim Abrams)
  • Eventually, Angel walked in and said "I'm doing keto with my son, so either do it with me or I will find a new doctor"
    • Her doctor got on board
  • Will also takes Vitamin D to help his seizures
  • Take matters into your own hands, parents, if you feel that something is fishy
    • Talk to your nutritionist about their history and their success
  • Make sure you tell people about NSNG - it can incredibly impact others' lives, like Angel's neighbor did for her
  • Parenting ain't easy but trust your gut - YOU are the parent