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Mar 23, 2018

: Episode 1021 - Jens Jakob Anderson joins Vinnie today to discuss his work as a statistician and his company, RunRepeat, which helps find people the right running shoes, his marathon study, and more!



  • A minimalist, statistician, and company owner
  • Attended Copenhagen School of Business
  • Created some great marathon statistics
    • His marathon study looked at over 1.8 mil female and male runners 
      • 131 marathons
      • Over 5 years of data
      • Women are more efficient runners, though they are slower
      • Best runners between 35 and 45
  • A short-distance runner
    • 5k in 15:58
  • Training is key to avoiding injury
  • RunRepeat is his company!
    • Over 1mil visitors every month


  • If we were in nature, Jens Jakob believes, we might be fine not wearing shoes
    • Now, however, being born and raised wearing shoes, we really should go with shoes while running
    • Avoid injury - minimalistic shoes are a good compromise 
      • Ease into it, too
    • Most injuries are from bad training, not from certain shoes or lack thereof
  • Check out his company's website, RunRepeat here!
    • Website helps people find the right running shoes for them 
    • He's used his intellect and stats experience to create this 0-100 scale that utilizes experts opinions to help you find your shoes
    • Website provides a number of places to buy the shoes from, making sure you get the best price
  • Comfort is incredibly important
    • Jens Jakob says that this should be parameter #1 when choosing running shoes
  • Tons of different brands with different feels
  • Take the time to learn how to run properly
    • There is a RIGHT and WRONG way just based off of people's physiology and strength