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Sep 14, 2018

: Episode 1146 - Dr. Brian Lenzkes joins Vinnie Tortorich to discuss Fat: A Documentary, Dr. Lenzkes' story, pills as security blankets, preventing diabetes, responsible doctoring, and more on this Friday show.



  • The first official Fat: A Documentary trailer is finally up!
  • It's amazing
  • Sneak peak of history and luminary commentary


  • Practices internal medicine
    • Treats many with diabetes and those who are obese
  • He was a football player and wrestler in high school
  • Always struggled with weight
    • Particularly in med school (plus, they didn't teach him much)
  • He couldn't figure out how to lose weight, so struggled to help patients lose weight, too
    • Found a bunch of luminaries like Jason Fung who showed him the way with low carb
  • Has lost tons of weight personally
  • Recently has begun recommending keto diet to his patients
  • Doctors in med school take things that they learn at face value
  • It is NOT the patient's fault most of the time that they struggle to lose weight
    • So much easier to think a drug fixes it, etc.