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Sep 23, 2018

: Episode 1153 - The wonderful Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode, and the two talk Gina's NSNG success which has allowed her to look and feel younger, the upcoming recipe sharing that Gina will be doing weekly on the Carolla show



  • Most of the folks over there at the Carolla Show are NSNG
  • NSNG became a much bigger thing because of the Carolla Show
    • Adam has done the entire world a service for having Vinnie on 
    • He tried it himself and realized it was making a lot of sense
    • He's infinitely curious 
  • Gina herself has found tons of success eating this way!
  • She will be sharing an NSNG recipe each week on the Carolla Show, starting soon!
    • It will be the same day every week -- that day is TBD