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Aug 4, 2019

: Episode 1378 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this Sunday School episode to discuss conspiracy theorists, Vinnie's request to get all of you to support the Fat Doc, reality TV, and more.



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  • Vinnie does have some concerns that certain people/orgs will try to suppress this film
    • It was considered "fantasy" on Amazon for a time....
    • Help us fight for this film - because it is the truth


  • At one point, Vinnie was being considered for the first Survivor
  • He was actually too fit
    • They wanted normal dudes at first
    • Now it's more of the adventurer types on there
  • This is one of the longest running reality TV shows ever
  • Used to really be about survival, now it's more politics
  • First Survivor winner was Richard Hatch
    • Show looks totally different